I Swear This Is The Last “Harlem Shake” Post We Do

At the risk of seeming like my father, a man who will beat a dead meme into the ground long after its moment in the sun, I present to you the Harlem Shake Bookmarklet.

To use it, you will visit this site and drag the bookmarklet into your Chrome browser bar. Then press the bookmarklet on a website of your choosing. TechCrunch, for example, works well and this website is particularly fun.

Moovweb, a mobile web development house, created the bookmarklet as a Valentine’s Gift to you:

The most romantic gifts can’t be bought by money, twitter followers, or VC funding. The most romantic gifts are a timeless celebration, a priceless memento of what makes you uniquely you. Something that captures the essence of what you mean to us in ways no words can. So we’ve been up all night making something special just for you…

And with that I propose a moratorium on this damn meme.