Google Maps With Street View Is Now Available For The Wii U

Nintendo just announced that Google Maps with Street View is now available for Wii U systems in North America. So you now have the ability to wander around Martha’s Vineyard if you don’t have access to your tablet, computer, or phone — or pretty much any other Internet-connected device.

The Wii U’s implementation is rather clever. As Darrell explained previously, the Wii U’s GamePad lets users pan around various locations while the satellite imagery is shown on the television. While it’s most certainly a novelty, it can provide an escape from a lowly apartment in Scranton.

The app launched in Japan last week and Nintendo announced its U.S. availability today on the ever-entertaining Nintendo Direct videocast. No word on the special Panorama View app that Nintendo originally revealed at E3. This novel app that will use 360-degree videos rather than static imagery was originally slated for a Spring 2013 release.

Find the free app on the eShop right now.