Big Plans For CrunchBase

CrunchBase has grown like a tree planted in a quiet corner of the yard and left to do its thing. Six years in, our free and editable industry database gets 1.5 million unique visitors a month and has had 90,000 users create 105,000 companies and 140,000 individual profiles. It’s proven to be one of the most successful products that TechCrunch has launched over the years.

Now it’s time to think about the future. We are committing a significant amount of money to expanding the product and the team behind it. You’ll be hearing a lot more in the coming months, but here’s what we can share now.

The team of long-time staffers and experienced additions — Matt KaufmanGené McPhersonVineet ThanedarAnthony Nguyen, and Kurt Freytag — now has a blog.

And on that blog, they’ve begun showcasing top developers from among the thousands using the CrunchBase API. Big data analytics startup SiSense has kicked things off today with a post about how it’s pulled in data to provide an investment dashboard and data visualizations. Investors and entrepreneurs using the product can learn important market information like the average time between startup funding rounds year over year.

dsp_sisense_1 (1)

The CB team is going to be regularly featuring guest posts from any developer who has done something smart and useful with the data, provided that:

  • Your application is publicly accessible
  • Your application attributes CrunchBase according to the CrunchBase API TOS
  • Your application directs users to CrunchBase to update missing or out-dated information

As an added bonus, TechCrunch writers who are interested in analyzing data to break stories are going to be taking a hard look at these tools and potentially incorporating them into how we work. We’ll also be interested in writing about them.

You can apply for the Developer Spotlight Program by sending them an email.

The team itself is growing, too. If you join, you’ll get to work in our historic SOMA office alongside our editorial, product and business teams, right down the street from Caltrain, The Creamery, Giants Stadium, and thousands of tech companies large and small. You will be on the pulse of the Valley, developing a beloved product that plays a key role in keeping our industry up to date. Check out the hiring details here.