Twitter’s Crashlytics Enterprise Features Are Now Available To All Developers For Free

Twitter surprised some folks when it acquired a mobile analytics firm called Crashlytics, but it’s clear that Twitter has an idea of what it would like to do with the firm. Step one since acquiring the company is opening up all of its enterprise features to developers for free, with no limits.

Here’s what the company posted on its developer blog:

You may know that a couple weeks ago, Twitter acquired Crashlytics, a mobile crash reporting solution. Today, we thought mobile developers would like to know that Crashlytics is folding its Enterprise features into its main product. This means that developers can now use Crashlytics with no usage costs or limits.

Here at Twitter, we love using Crashlytics for mobile crash reporting, and we think that you will too. You can read more about their announcement on their blog.

On the Crashlytics blog, the team goes into more detail on what’s changing for the better for developers using its free offerings:

With Crashlytics Enterprise, there are no usage costs, fees, or limits when it comes to your app’s performance monitoring. The features and usage we used to charge for based on limits are now unlimited across the board. This means that you no longer need to worry about numbers like monthly active users, disk space or API limits. And since Crashlytics Enterprise has no limits, you can add as many apps and developer seats as your team needs.

In the future, all new Crashlytics accounts will be automatically upgraded to the unlimited, free version of the product; existing users have already been transitioned. And the capabilities of Crashlytics Enterprise don’t stop here. Working with Twitter, we’ll continue to develop new features even faster.


The service allows companies to get real-time analytics for their mobile apps, which is something that has benefited Twitter’s own app and userbase quite a bit. Pouring through crash data is time-consuming and by acquiring Crashlytics, Twitter has helped its project flow for itself as well as others. Crashlytics says that it can process crash information in 18 milliseconds. That allows companies to make decisions on the fly.


Opening up its feature set to developers is an added bonus. The biggest apps using the analytics suite are Twitter, Vine, Yelp, Kayak, TaskRabbit, Walmart, Groupon and Waze. It’s nice to see that this acquisition didn’t drift off into the ether, which doesn’t appear to be how Twitter handles things. In retrospect, Vine launched pretty quickly after being acquired, so that’s a good sign for teams and products “joining the flock.”

[Photo credit: Flickr]