With MWC Nearing, More Evidence Of A Nokia Tablet Emerges

A tablet is the missing piece of Nokia’s mobile strategy. So far the company has only whispered about its plans, but more evidence of a Nokia tablet popped up at Pakistan Nokia event. For a brief moment, the stage’s screen showed a tablet, likely a 7-inch, alongside a Nokia 620 and a large desktop screen, possibly demonstrating a Surface Pro-ish device.

Nokia is striving for a complete mobile ecosystem centered around Windows. The company has successfully positioned its Lumia line as the premier Windows Phone line, and it’s completely possible that the brand could move into the tablet space as well. For the nostalgic, a Nokia tablet could be the 3390 to Windows Mobile world.

Right now Windows tablets are priced to compete. The Surface RT is the same price as the iPad and the Pro costs as much as an Ultrabook or MacBook Air. If Nokia could squeak out a budget Win8/RT tablet at a lower price point, it could help both Microsoft and Nokia.

The tablet shown at the Pakistan event looks like a smaller model — probably 7-, to 8-inches. At that size and perhaps with the help of a plastic casing, Nokia could preemptively sweep the small Windows tablet space much like the Kindle Fire did the mini tablet market.

As much as Windows tablets needs more compelling hardware, it needs compelling apps as well. And, hopefully like with other platforms, the two will grow simultaneously. Hopefully with more hardware partners jumping on board, more developers will see the opportunity and start coding for Windows 8/RT.

Nokia is gearing up for a big showing at MWC. The show is in two weeks and if a tablet is in the works for 2013, it will likely debut at largest mobile conference in the world