9Slides Launches An iPad App For Adding Video To Presentations On The Go

It was just a few months ago that Redmond, Wash.-based startup 9Slides launched to combine slide presentations with video in a simple and accessible player that could be viewed on nearly any device. Now the startup is taking that mission a step further, with a native iPad app that will allow users to publish presentations and link existing videos to them, or even to record videos on the tablet itself.

9Slides offers up a cloud-based editor that synchronizes user presentations with videos that have been recorded, allowing users to create and distribute more compelling instructional and informational content. The company is all about accessibility and playback on as many devices as possible. Using HTML5, the slide presentations and video can be displayed on the iPhone, iPad, and any number of Android mobile phones or tablets. The company also supports multiple file formats for importing slide presentations, including PowerPoint and PDF files, as well as documents created in Prezi, Apple’s Keynote, or even Microsoft Excel.

With the launch of its free iPad app, the videos that accompany user presentations don’t have to be pre-recorded to be synchronized. Users can instead record those videos through the iPad’s camera. That will allow mobile salespeople to record their pitches to customers while on the go, making them instantly available.

9Slides works on a freemium model, allowing users to upload files and create multimedia presentations for free. But the company offers premium features like an ad-free video player, password protection for presentations, and analytics to users who pay. Pro pricing starts at $9.99 a month, with more features available to enterprise users of the platform. iPad app users will be able to instantly upgrade with in-app purchases, simplifying the process of adding features on the device.