WordPress For iOS Adds Push Notifications And Comment Moderation

Automattic, the company behind the WordPress CMS and blogging platform, have today announced an update for the WordPress iOS app which introduces push notifications for comments, followers, likes, posts and more. The update makes it easier for WordPress users and authors to reply to and approve comments from their mobile devices, the company says, as well as keep track of what’s trending on their blogs.

Previously, the app supported notifications – but only for comments.

Available in version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS, out now, the mobile notifications section is available in the left-side navigation. For WordPress.com blogs, this supports all the same notifications that the WordPress.com toolbar does, including likes, followers, reblogs, badges and stats. The notifications can also be customized via Settings, so you’re only interrupted by the metrics and updates you care about tracking. Because the app supports multiple blogs, these muting options can apply to entire blogs you don’t want to hear from, too.

Also new in today’s release is support for blog comment moderation, which lets users view, moderate and reply to comments from a single screen, independent of the blog itself.

The features are supported on WordPress.com blogs and self-hosted blogs which use the Jetpack plugin, according to the description in iTunes.

While these additions are a big step forward in managing WordPress on mobile, the app continues to lack some important features – like the ability to search through old posts, for example. Also, according to some reviews on iTunes, the update has been causing app crashes and has affected the ability to view stats for some users. Your mileage may vary, of course, but be warned. (The app is crashing for me after the update, for what it’s worth, but I’m on a jailbroken device now, so it’s not always clear what the culprit is when these things happen.)

You can grab the new app from here.