Obama To Hold Google+ Hangout After State Of The Union

President Obama will conduct a Google+ Hangout after the State of the Union tomorrow night, continuing his recent tradition of answering online questions after the speech. Additionally, there will be a PowerPoint-augmented YouTube version of the speech, complete with charts and graphs. Finally, after the speech, thousands of citizens will join a “Citizen’s Response” of rapid fire responses from White House staff and experts.

Apparently, the White House was so impressed with the Google+ Hangout experience of American’s happy warrior, Joe Biden, that they decided to double down and put the big man in front of Google’s town-hall style group chat platform. Unlike YouTube comments, Hangouts can be more selectively curated, edging out the horde of pro-marijuana commenters for citizens who, ideally, are more representative of the American electorate.

You can watch the speech tomorrow at 9pm ET on the White House YouTube page and the Hangout at 4:50pm ET on Thursday.