Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Now On Sale For $59.99 From Google Play, Ships In Less Than One Week

Google’s Nexus 4 wireless charger has been a creature only of legend up until today, even though the phone itself shipped months ago, late in 2012. Now, though, American buyers can get their orb orders in for $59.99 for the Qi-based inductive charger for Google’s latest Android reference smartphone.

Estimated shipping for the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger, as it is so blandly named, is listed as being at under one week as of this writing. The charger takes around four hours to charge the Nexus 4 from empty to full and ships with a micro USB cable, and a plug designed for use in North America (we suspect other regions will see different plugs). It weighs 130 grams and props up the Nexus 4 at an angle to provide easy viewing.

The Nexus 4 has a dock mode when used with the Wireless Charging Orb, which displays photos, Currents articles and other info, including the battery charge level. Judging by how quickly Google has been selling out of Nexus phones, there’s no telling how long these will last, so get your orders in if you’ve been waiting.