GAIN Fitness’ New ‘Marketplace’ Brings The World’s Top Personal Trainers To Your iPhone

How are those New Year’s resolutions to work out more holding up? Not so well? Not at all? Yeah, us too.

So we figured that it’s a good time to check back in with GAIN Fitness, the startup that aims to bring workouts from personal trainers right to your iPhone or iPad. GAIN Fitness just issued some nice updates and launched a new “trainer marketplace” that will bring a new trainer to GAIN each month.

GAIN has a really cool business model of being a platform, not just an app. GAIN shares its revenues with the personal trainers who create workouts — just like iTunes shares album proceeds with artists. It’s a win/win/win proposition in many ways: Trainers can distribute their work well beyond where they’re locally based, tailored workout experiences much more accessible to the general public, and, of course, GAIN makes money itself.

We stopped by GAIN’s San Francisco headquarters recently to talk with CEO Nick Gammell and get a hands-on look at the new trainer marketplace. You can watch it all in the video embedded above.