Study Finds That Apple Took 72% Of All Handset Profits, Samsung Got The Rest

A Canaccord Genuity study found that Apple took 72% of all handset profits worldwide while Samsung took 29%. While that is obviously a bit disconcerting, the thinking is that these are rounded-up numbers. What’s more troubling, however, is the fact that most other manufacturers – Nokia, BlackBerry, and HTC – are either losing money or making no profit at all.

The report is detailed over at Fortune by Mssr. Elmer-Dewitt but it points to the fact that we are living in a world where Apple takes the lion’s share of profit on 21.7% of sales while Samsung smothers the rest with another 21%.

That’s why BlackBerry is doomed: at this point in the game, there’s no room for third place let alone a distant contender coming up behind. In this horse race, Apple and Samsung are way ahead and BlackBerry is still on the farm.