Happier Launches To Help You Share Your Daily Happy Moments

iOS app Happier is launching today with the ambitions of, well, making you a happier person. The app is inspired by research that shows that focusing on the positive and sharing good things that happen to you with the people you care about makes you happier. You can download the app here.

The app, which is the brainchild of former Where product VP (sold to PayPal) Nataly Kogan, encourages people to capture and share happy moments during the day. As Kogan explains, happy moments can be small, such as eating something you enjoy for breakfast, getting an email from a friend, or a hug from your kids.

To share a moment, you can jot down a memory and take an accompanying picture. You can also categorize these happy moments, such as food, exercise or time with friends. And you can share these moments in the app with friends and family.

The end vision, says Kogan, is that by collecting and organizing data about what makes people happier, the team can build a “happiness graph.” Of course, there needs to be enough usage of the app to attain this goal.

The Boston-based startup has raised $1.2 million from Resolute VC and Venrock.