Super Bowl Ad-Related Hashtags Were Used 300K Times On Sunday, Up 273 Percent

Going into the Super Bowl, folks who care about such things probably knew it was not only going to be the Most Social! Super Bowl! Ever!, but also a big win for Twitter on the ad side. Now the company has published a blog post quantifying some of the ad-related activity that it saw.

Twitter says that of the 52 national ads that ran during the game, 50 percent included hashtags (to give credit to a writer who was actually willing to count them up, that matches what Matt McGee said over at MarketingLand a few of days ago). And those ad-related hashtags were mentioned 300,000 times on Sunday, an increase of 273 percent from last year.

The blog post also identifies the most popular among those hashtags. Apparently the most tweeted ad-related hashtag during the game was #Clydesdales, which Budweiser included in an ad that asked viewers to use the hashtag to help name a baby horse. #Clydesdales was mentioned 58,000 times during the game, and resulted in 60,000 name suggestions in 24 hours.

Oh, and the post also names the winners of Twitter’s #Ad Scrimmage contest, where viewers could vote on their favorite ads using, yes, hashtags. The winner was Samsung, which also won last year.

In conclusion, to quote Twitter, “We like brands who like hashtags.”