Latest Rumors Suggest The Galaxy S IV Will Be Unveiled On March 15

Samsung has done an excellent job of keeping us in the dark regarding the forthcoming Galaxy S IV launch dates, but the folks over at SamMobile seem to have locked in an announcement date of March 15.

However, previous reports suggesting that the Galaxy S IV would be available in stores by mid-April may not be dead-on. According to SamMobile’s sources, Europe and Asia will get the flagship Android smartphone in the beginning of April, while America, Australia and Africa won’t get their hands on the GS4 until May or June.

The Galaxy S III, last year’s model, launched in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia before it hit store shelves in the U.S. The same is true for the Galaxy S II before it, so these rumors (while disappointing to us in the U.S.) seem to line up with historical evidence.

We’ve received no invitations from Samsung regarding any March 15 event, but they have plenty of time before invitations need to go out. Samsung will be attending MWC, but it would appear that they’ve reserved that event for the 8-inch Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet.

Plus, the Galaxy S IV (the latest in a line that has brought Samsung to the top of mobile) probably deserves its own dedicated event. Just like the Galaxy S III got a massive unveiling at a London Unpacked event last year.

As far as we know, the Galaxy S IV is set to be one of the best spec’d phones on the market, with a 1.8GHz Exynos 5 Octa eight-core processor, a 5-inch 440ppi display, Qi Wireless charging and a 13-megapixel camera to name a few.