Facebook Launches Developers Live Video Channel To Keep Its Developer Ecosystem Up To Date

Google runs a Developers Live video channel for its developer ecosystem, and, starting today, Facebook will offer a very similar service under the Facebook Developers Live moniker. Starting today, the new channel will feature “the latest news, tutorials, speaking sessions and more.” The channel, Facebook says, will feature both pre-recorded videos and interactive broadcasts, “giving developers a central place to learn about the latest tools and to get access to the product managers and engineers who created them.” The first broadcast is scheduled for February 19 and will feature Doug Purdy, the company’s director of product.

Overall, Facebook says, the channel will focus on mobile developers, game developers and websites and publishers who want to learn how to use the social network to drive traffic to their sites. The new site, Facebook tells us, is yet another part of its “continued commitment to Operation Developer Love.”

fb-devlive-blog-stackedFacebook’s Developer Live counterpart at Google currently offers a pretty thorough lineup of scheduled developer office hours using Google Hangouts and an extensive library of videos about virtually all of Google’s developer-related services. On most days, Google offers at least a few live videos on its channel. It’s not clear if Facebook’s channel will offer a similarly comprehensive schedule. [Update: as Microsoft just reminded us, it also offers a similar service through Channel 9.]

With Facebook Live, the company has already been offering a more consumer-focused video channel for quite a while now. That channel, however, still plays a video of the September 2011 F8 conference, so we can only hope that the new developer channel will stay a bit more up to date.