North Korea Steals Stirring Blast Footage From Activision’s Modern Warfare 3


If you watch one paranoid fever dream video of a missle-blown New York set to a Muzak version of “We Are The World,” make it this one. While the prospect of mass nuclear annihilation isn’t funny, what is funny is this video from the official North Korean propaganda corps that shows a sleeping NK citizen dreaming of Glorious Missiles Of The Fatherland winging their way to New York where they destroy a stylized Manhattan. The biggest problem? The footage is stolen from a Modern Warfare 3 cut-scene.

In the scene the dreamer notes that “It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire started by itself,” which, given that the game was developed in California, is mostly true. However, with all that talk of North Korea’s amazing film production capabilities and excellent cinema, it’s odd that they wouldn’t render their own scenes of absolute destruction, possibly by making little models of Brooklyn and crushing them under the feet of Pulgasari.

Sadly, the other videos in the official North Korean YouTube channel are pretty boring unless you totally like smelting and power plants. It will be interesting to see real cinema come out of this country in the next few years as, just perhaps, international pressure finally caves in this gulag.

via Forbes