Keen On… Zuck: The Five Business Secrets Of You-Know-Who

Facebook is, of course, built around Mark Zuckerberg‘s ideal of a radically transparent world. Less transparent, however, is Zuckerberg’s business genius, the secret behind his awesome success. But now Zuck’s genius has been revealed by the Intel marketing executive, Ekaterina Walter, with a new Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO.

So how can we think like Zuck? I asked Walter when she came into our San Francisco studio. What are the five business secrets that explain his dizzying success? The answers, Walter revealed about Zuckerberg’s secrets, all begin with P. If we want to think like Zuck, she told me, we need to learn these words. Then maybe all of us can emulate the success of the young billionaire who, just last week, took home the Crunchie for CEO of the Year.