Zynga’s Pincus Says FarmVille Has Passed $1B In Total Player Purchases

The launch of FarmVille 2 was one of the big highlights of Zynga’s past year, but CEO Mark Pincus said its predecessor FarmVille crossed major milestone too, having reached $1 billion in total player bookings.

Seeing an old game reach cross the $1 billion mark may not tell us much about Zynga’s future or current finances, but it still seems appropriate (or symbolic, or something) that FarmVille crossed that line as the focus shifts to its sequel. Speaking of that sequel, Zynga had said a month ago that the game had 40 million monthly active users and 8 million daily active users. Today it also said that bookings from the game had exceeded Zynga’s predictions by 100 percent. And Pincus said FarmVille 2 will be coming to mobile this year.

Those numbers were shared during Zynga’s fourth quarter earnings call, as part of a larger discussion how the company is doing in the “investment and express” category. At the same time, Pincus said Zynga’s “pipeline is heavily weighted toward mid-core” games that are aimed at a less casual audience.

Overall, Zynga beat analyst estimate for the quarter, with revenue flat compared to last year.