Here Are The Top 10 Super Bowl Ads According To 30K TiVos

Last night’s Super Bowl was a nail-biter, but most of today’s conversation will likely center around the ads, not the Raven’s last-second safety or Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kick return.

But which ads were the best?

Using second-by-second audience measurement data from over 30,000 anonymous households using TiVo, TiVo’s Research and Analytics arm narrowed down the top ten most engaging ads of the big game. This is measured by how many users were watching at “play” speed, as well as whether or not there was a bump in viewership during the ads, relative to the surrounding 15 minutes of programming.

As it were, no tech hardware companies made the top list. Samsung’s ad featuring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen was pretty funny, but not enough to nab a top spot. BlackBerry’s ad, on the other hand, was total garbage.

Instead, Taco Bell’s “Live Mas” ad, featuring old folks acting like kids again, was the most engaging ad of the game.

TRA also indicated that user-generated ads are a growing trend, as viewers actually had a part in three of the top ten commercials, including two Doritos commercial and the adorable Audi “Prom” commercial. Previewing ads before the Super Bowl also seems to help increase engagement, as nine of the top 10 ads from this year were released ahead of the game.

1. Taco Bell – “Viva Young”

2. Doritos – “Goat for Sale”

3. Hyundai – “Pick Your Team”

4. Doritos – “Fashionista Daddy”

5. – “Perfect Date”

6. M&M – “Anything for Love”

7. Skechers – “Man Vs. Cheetah”

8. Pepsi – “Pepsi Next Drink It To Believe It”

9. Audi – “Prom”

10. Volkswagen – “Get In. Get Happy.”