Food Discovery App Burpple Now Available On Android

Burpple, the social discovery app that seeks to connect food lovers from around the world, just released their Android app in public beta. Their iOS app was launched in December 2011.

The app now boosts users from 140 countries and 4,000 cities who have shared 300,000 “food moments,” including photos of dishes consumed and check-ins at different establishments. In addition to functioning as a social discovery platform, Burpple also serves as a personal food diary and automatically fills in the time, place and food for meals frequently eaten by each user.

While the Android app is in public beta, Burpple’s developers say they will release and update with more features frequently.

This video demonstrates how Burpple’s new Android app works.

Based in Singapore, Burpple received $500,000 in seed funding from Neoteny Labs and QuestVC in December.