Hand Out The Cigars, OpenStack Has A New Release And Its Name is Havana

Get out the rum, open-source cloud operating system OpenStack has a new release, and its name is Havana.

The OpenStack Foundation names its software releases in alphabetical order. This year it’s the letter “H,” and, because the Design Summit will be held in Portland in April this year, the members of the OpenStack technical committee nominated different Oregon names that start with the letter “H.” Members of the overall community then voted on the nominees and chose Havana, a small unincorporated  community in Umatilla County near the Columbia River.

Why choose Havana? Is it because we in our fair city of Portland are often viewed as left-wing loving folks who sport big beards?

Well, yes, that is certainly true but not the reason why OpenStack nominated Havana. Nonetheless, it sure sounds better than “Hood,” or “Harbor,” or “Hatfield,” three of the other names nominated.

The previous OpenStack releases had names of communities with the exception of Grizzly:

  • Austin: The first design summit took place in Austin, TX
  • Bexar: The second design summit took place in San Antonio, Bexar county.
  • Cactus: Cactus is a city in Texas
  • Diablo: Diablo is a city in the Bay Area near Santa Clara, CA
  • Essex: Essex is a city near Boston, MA
  • Folsom: Folsom is a city near San Francisco, CA
  • Grizzly: Grizzly is an element of the state flag of California (design summit takes place in San Diego, CA)

Here is how the votes stacked up for this reent round of voting. You see — not even close. It’s Havana in a landslide.


Viva Portland. Viva Havana. Viva OpenStack.