DIY R2-D2 Heels Are Perfect For Your Next Black Tie-Fighter Event

Fans of Star Wars can take their love of droids and kitten heels to the streets with this DIY Instructables project. Created by Mike Warren, an editor at the site, these are the droid shoes you’re looking for.

DIYers take note: this isn’t easy stuff. Note the tools list, for example:

MIG welder
soldering iron
propane torch
rotary tool
elecric drill
rubber cement
foam glue
2-part epoxy (extra strength – not “quick setting”)
white spray paint

Seriously. A MIG welder. For shoes.

You’ll also need a pair of shoes, some R2-D2 toys, and a little thinger that will light up like R2’s weird eye thinger. More important, the shoes Warren used came from outside his house because someone threw them away. In short, they were almost free!

So whether you’re trying to please your own Princess Leia or need to stab one of Jabba’s Daleks with your stiletto, now you have the perfect tool.