Facebook’s Mobile Ads Grow To More Than $300M — 23 Percent Of Total Ad Revenue

As part of today’s fourth-quarter earnings report, Facebook announced that mobile ad revenue has grown to 23 percent of the company’s total $1.33 billion in ad revenue (so about $305 million). That’s up from 14 percent last quarter.

One of the biggest sources of investor concern around Facebook has been whether its bottom line will take a blow as its usage becomes increasingly mobile, and mobile is indeed becoming dominant — this was the first quarter when Facebook’s daily active users on mobile exceeded its DAUs on the web. Mobile ad revenue is growing quickly, too, especially considering that it was nonexistent in March 2012, without quite catching up with traffic.

Total ad revenue was also up 41 percent from the same period last year, and accounted for 84 percent of all revenue.

Facebook Q4 2012 Earnings