Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe On Apple Patents, Says Judge Lucy Koh

In the latest development in a long and complicated series of ongoing lawsuits between the two companies, Judge Lucy Koh has found that Samsung did not willfully infringe Apple patents. Last August, a jury ruled in favor of Apple, awarding the Cupertino company $1.05 billion in damages after it found Samsung guilty of infringing on patents for features including the ‘380 “bounce back” scrolling functionality. Samsung’s lawyers asked Koh to consider whether or not the ruling could be challenged during the post-verdict proceedings. While Koh overturned the jury’s ruling that Samsung’s acts of patent infringement were willful, she denied Samsung’s motion for a new trial. This means that she also denied Apple any damages enhancement for willful infringement, which could have resulted in a tripling of parts of the award, according to Foss Patents’ post detailing the case’s background and analyzing Koh’s latest ruling.

The Verge has posted a PDF copy of Koh’s ruling.