T-Mobile Joins Sprint, Verizon In Offering StarStar Me, Letting Users Replace Their Phone Number With Their Name

T-Mobile has joined Sprint and Verizon in offering Zoove’s StarStar Me service, letting users replace their phone number with their name.

Sprint was the first to adopt the service back in October, and Verizon quietly signed on shortly thereafter. T-Mobile’s use of the personalization product solidifies the service’s place in the U.S. wireless arena. To date, Zoove has seen over 100,000 calls on the service, and a StarStar Me number is called every 2 minutes in the U.S.

StarStar Me capitalizes on our deteriorating memorization skills by letting you choose a name or word to replace your phone number. Friends and so on can dial your number by simply dialing **Jordan or **Herpderp. The service works across smartphones and feature phones.

The service also works a bit like iOS 6 in that it lets you respond to calls by sending a personalized pre-set text message, along with a profile complete with links to blogs, social networks, etc.

This leaves AT&T as the last carrier to adopt the service, which sucks for AT&T users interested in the service. If a T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon user signs up for the service using your name, then you have to choose a new StarStar Me word or name (Brittany, Ashley and Katie should just give up now).

The StarStar Me app is available now in the App Store and iTunes, but to sign up on T-Mobile, simply type **Me on your T-Mobile phone.