Roam7 Digs Through Friends’ Facebook Photo Albums To Help You Plan Your Travels

Have you ever planned a vacation and remembered that you once saw a photo of a great dish on Facebook? If only you could remember who posted it and when. A new service, Roam7, has launched that promises to reach deep into your social networks to pull that information for you.


The service combs your friends’ Facebook albums and assembles relevant photos into a page to help you figure out what’s worth doing on your holidays. Beyond holidays, of course, is the delicious potential to stalk people.

Roam7 will display friends’ photos on a map and use meta-data, such as location tags, to label where restaurants’ food photos were taken and what points of interest they visited. The service will also pull captions into the page, “so it’s like having the help of a travel guide written by your friends,” the firm says.

Cheehan Tee and Toby Rahilly founded Roam7 in 2011 and launched it in private beta in April 2012, Cheehan tells us. After testing it, they did a soft launch in August 2012, and a mobile app is on the way, he said.

Cheehan was the vice president of engineering at Encentuate before it was acquired by IBM. Toby is a fellow IBM software engineer.

The Roam7 team is being mentored by Peng T. Ong, who founded and Interwoven, and KB Teo, who sold social shopping site, Thingbuzz to Nextag in 2011.