Google Makes Using Analytics Easier With New Solution Gallery For Dashboards, Segments & Custom Reports

Google Analytics is such a powerful tool, its huge feature set can often be intimidating for novice users. Now, however, with today’s launch of the creatively named Google Analytics Solution Gallery, Google is hoping to make many of the service’s advanced features a bit more accessible to new users. The Solution Gallery features pre-made dashboards, advanced segments and custom reports for a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce sites, brands and publishers.

From the Solutions Gallery, users can easily select what kind of analytics solution they are looking for (dashboard, custom report or advanced segment), what their business objective is (publisher, brand, lead generation, etc.) and what marketing function they are trying to analyze (SEO, social sharing, mobile, etc.). In total, the gallery currently features 31 different solutions, including a social sharing report, a publisher dashboard for bloggers and some good examples of advanced segments.

Advanced Blog DashboardEven though the link underneath the different options is called “download,” a click on one of these simply installs the new functionality right in your Google Analytics account.

As Google Analytics team member Ian Myszenski notes in today’s announcement, the company hopes that this will help Analytics users to “filter through the noise to see the metrics that matter for your type of business.” He also writes that Google plans to expand this list with new solutions over time.