AngelList Debuts Customer Counts And References For Startups, Seeing Record Job Matches

AngelList continues to add compelling features to its service that matches early-stage startups with investors. The platform just debuted a new tool that will show new customer counts in a given time, and show which startups are trending by customer count.

The hybrid social network, communication and crowdsourcing platform allows startups to access investors, and has also become a resource for investors looking to boost deal flow and connect with other investors. Over the course of the past year, AngelList has evolved to add a number of useful features for both investors and startups like a Jobs area, Docs, startup Valuations, and even an investing platform.

With the customer feature you can see which startups have added the most customers in the past month and who these customers are. The customers themselves can verify that they are using a startup’s software, etc.


AngelList CEO and co-founder Naval Ravikant tells us that many investors care about a company’s traction with customers, as well as who has invested in a startup, so the site decided to start tracking this data. He adds that it’s also a way for companies to gather all of their customer references in one place — for fundraising and to recruit talent — without having to bug their customers each time an investor wants to do due diligence. And AngelList will be doing much more with this as more startups input their customers.

As investors evaluate a company, customer acquisition and revenue is a significant consideration, especially for B2B companies. It’s a helpful feature for both startups and investors on the site.

Ravikant also revealed that the jobs feature, which matches individuals to startups and more, has been seeing record traction. AngelList added another 270 vetted candidates, and made over 1,000 mutual matches last week alone. The site now has over 2,800 companies hiring, including Uber, Path, Quora, Kickstarter, Airbnb, Climate Corp, and 7,200 vetted candidates.