Fly Or Die: Vine

Twitter launched Vine, the mobile iOS app that lets users create six-second looping video and share it to various social networks, just two days ago and it’s been the topic of many a media conversation since.

Yesterday, Vine swung to the top of social in the App Store after being featured, and many have even called the app the Instagram of video. But does Twitter’s new video-sharing venture have what it takes to maintain momentum?

In what may be a first for a video sharing app, we both think this little Twitter birdy’s going to fly. I mean these things are pretty cool.

The number of social networks that launch into our laps is limitless, and there are a very rare few that truly get us excited. But the ability to string multiple clips together makes Vine a different form of mobile media creation, something we’ve never seen before.

The user can press their thumb to the screen to record, and then release to switch to a new angle, perspective, or shot. The maximum length of a video is six seconds, but that could comprise seven or eight very short clips.

The real-time nature of it fits in well with the Twitter brand, as Vines let you look through a window into someone’s real life, complete with motion and sound.

We see big things in Vine’s future, especially if Twitter can integrate the service directly into Twitter’s mobile app.