Foundation: Dave Morin on Maintaining Genuine Relationships Via Social Networks

For the latest episode of my Foundation series, I headed over to the Path office to sit down with founder Dave Morin.

Dave talks about getting his start in student marketing at Apple, and reflects that focus is one of the most important things he learned there. He goes on to describe his time at Facebook, where an intense focus on product utility set the product up for long-term growth. Dave also dives into the moments that inspired Path, and the different ways their team thinks about the social graph.

Dave on defining success, and what success looks like for Path:

For us it’s about growing along the curve in a way that is authentic to our values. For us it’s about design. It’s about quality. It’s about people being themselves. It’s about maintaining trust. It’s about doing all those things, and staying focused on humans. How do we have an honest relationship with you? That’s what success maybe looks like for us.

Kevin Rose is a general partner at Google Ventures. You can watch Kevin’s prior Foundation episode, an interview with Tony Tseih, CEO of Zappos, here.