T-Mobile Has The Nexus 4 In Stock! You Guys! Hurry!

If you’re quick, you can snag a Nexus 4 from T-Mobile right now for $199 on contract. Ever since its launch, the phone has been rather hard to purchase. Blame Google. Blame LG. But it doesn’t matter now, ’cause you can buy one right this very second.

The Nexus 4 launched on the Google Play store late last year. It sold out almost immediately. T-Mobile then started selling the phone in some retail locations last week. Now, right on schedule, the Nexus 4 is available through its website as long as you’re willing to sign a contract — which is kind of a bummer.

Part of the Nexus 4’s breakout success comes from its original pricing. Google cut the wireless carrier out of the picture and sold the phone at a fair price without requiring a new contract. At $349 the phone was slightly more than a comparable iPhone, but owners weren’t locked into a 2 year service agreement.

So, if you’re willing to lock yourself into a two-year agreement, here’s the link to the hottest Android phone currently on the market. If not, keep on refreshing the Nexus 4’s Google Play product page. It’s bound to be in stock sometime in 2013.