A French Artist Is Posting DIY Robot Parts So We Can Print Our Own Androids

Gael Langevin wants to give you a robot. The French artist is posting 3D printer files for a humanoid robot he’s building as he completes the various parts, allowing us all to create our very own plastic helper/lover with some ABS plastic, a few Arduino boards, and some motors.

The plans for the hands are available on Thingiverse and Langevin will release more parts over the next few months. He has a build log here. The robot is completely open source and all the plans will be available for download. You should be able to print most of the pieces on a home 3D printer, although I suspect some of the bigger pieces might be tough to build on a Makerbot.

While the robots do look a bit unsettling – like Sonny from I, Robot with bad skin – it’s definitely a compelling project that could really change the way we think about 3D printing at home. When this thing is complete, I suspect Gael will have minted quite a few new roboticists, which is great for everybody.