Acceleprise Adds 8 Companies To New Class, Shows Growth Of Enterprise Startup Culture

Acceleprise, an accelerator for enterprise startups, has announced eight new companies for its latest class. The companies were chosen from an applicant pool twice the size of the previous class.

Acceleprise is also adding a class and increasing the number of companies it accepts. It will now do three classes a year with eight companies in each class. That’s up from two sessions a year with six companies in each class.

Partner Allen Gannett said Acceleprise also has a new 4,000 square foot space, twice the size of the old one.

Gannett said the people in the class have more experience, showing how enterprise startups are starting to attract more seasoned executives.

For example, StayNTouch has two co-founders, each with more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. StayNTouch is rethinking the interaction between the hotel and their guests using a single cloud-based solution that manages all on-property touch points, both for the hotel staff and the guests.

Here are the other companies in the program:

  • MetaLayer builds big data products that strives to make large, disparate datasets easier to use by technical and non-technical people. 
  • Talentwire is designed to help companies do better campus recruiting.
  • LearnShark has an algorithm that scores content based on relevance, and provides points to employees based on their knowledge to determine expertise within the company.
  • TrackMaven is a marketing intelligence tool for marketers.
  • Awesome API is an API as a Service platform that to create, host and monetize APIs by integrating with existing, third-party or hosted infrastructure, data and services.
  • is for marketing and public relations teams to mitigate risk that comes with social media. It filters the content that employees send out over social media platforms.
  • Aquicore combines cutting-edge data-collection hardware with sophisticated analytics software to reduce utility and maintenance costs for small and medium-sized residential and commercial properties.

Acceleprise is demonstrative of a new startup culture emerging that is quickly growing. Investors are looking beyond the consumer world for startups that can disrupt the legacy providers with services that leverage cloud infrastructures and the need to get work done faster, be more productive and more connected. Further, businesses are trying to solve problems with more than ever before.

All in all it adds up to being a strong year for enterprise startups as they exploit the changing enterprise landscape.