Kickstarter: Own A Piece Of Role-Playing History With A Remake Of Tunnels & Trolls

As fans of D&D will attest, there are not many games as satisfying as Gygax’s original but darn it if it wasn’t fun to try new platforms when they came out. Tunnels & Trolls, created 37 years ago by Ken St. Andre, wasn’t so much a D&D knock-off but an alternative. St. Andre streamlined the D&D rules, reducing the complexity, and added a bit more humor. For folks unable to get the original D&D books, T&T was a real lifesaver.

There’s much more info about the game at TheSecretDM but for a $28 Kickstarter pledge you can grab a softcover copy of the new rules complete with updates. The group, led by St. Andre, has come a long way since the early days of T&T.

Back in the old days, putting out a book like this was easy. Ken’s First Edition was run off at the university’s copy shop, stapled together, and handed to his friends. Even after the Fifth Edition came out, Flying Buffalo would still print solitaire adventures on the leaky old printing press in the back of the warehouse-offices, and staff would spiral-bind the pages together.

I think projects like this really show the power of Kickstarter (and crowdfunding in general). By allowing to “invest” in the things they love projects like this can eschew the typical vagaries of the market. A publisher, for example, could take on this project and sell it through normal distribution systems but by going online the team basically blows their project right into the hands of the most rabid fans. It is, in short, the best way to do things in a connected world.

Plus it’s Tunnels & Trolls. Who doesn’t love trolls?