BlackBerry Z10 Hardware Pictured In Verizon Promo Leak As Carriers Gear Up For Launch

BlackBerry 10 is nearing launch, and you have to wonder at this point whether there will be any secrets left by the time it makes its official debut on January 30. Today, noted mobile device leak master @evleaks shared what looks like a Verizon promotional image of a BlackBerry Z10, widely rumored to be the first shipping BB10 handset, with a white backplate and the front design we’ve seen in many previous leaks with two bars top and bottom framing a glass display.

White and black versions of the Z10 have been spotted in leaked shots before, and we’ve heard direct from Verizon’s CMO that it would be offering a BlackBerry 10 device at launch. This looks like it could be a Verizon-specific variant with a muted silver tone, depending on how you squint at the admittedly low-res image evleaks shared, though to my eye it could just as easily be white, too. Either way, it looks like Verizon is preparing for a big launch push of the new hardware and mobile OS.

If you want a refresher of what RIM has in store for us in BB10, take a look at this extended, nearly feature-complete demo of the pre-release software in action we shot back at CTIA MobileCon in October: