VMware CTO Steve Herrod Joins General Catalyst To Boost Enterprise Investments

After nabbing Accel partner Adam Valkin for its Boston office, General Catalyst is announcing another new investment partner–Steve Herrod.

Herrod was previously the CTO of enterprise and virtualization giant VMware. Herrod is joining the firm’s Palo Alto office as a managing director investing and supporting early-stage enterprise companies.

During Herrod’s 11-year tenure at VMware, he helped build and scale a 3,000-person engineering organization, whose products have produced $4 billion in annual revenue. Prior to VMware, Herrod co-led the development of a virtual CPU with “Code Morphing” technology at Transmeta Corporation, and also held roles at Silicon Graphics and MIPS Technologies.

Herrod, who will continue to serve in an advisory role to VMware, was actually employee 90 at VMware. He explains that he feels enterprise infrastructure is ripe for innovation. He’s particularly excited about the transformation in where businesses run applications, how people are consuming applications (i.e. on mobile), and how the consumer world is entering into the enterprise.

As enterprise investing ramps up in 2013, General Catalyst is clearly bringing on more talent to pursue additional opportunities in this market. And Herrod will have plenty of cash to work with. The firm just raised a $500 million new fund in 2011.