‘Native’ Ad Startup Sharethrough Partners With SimpleReach To Find Social Media Friendly Content

Sharethrough, a startup that helps brands deliver their video ads in a way that feels “native” to the sites where they’re appearing, has started offering new data and targeting to advertisers thanks to a partnership with SimpleReach.

According to Sharehtrough CEO Dan Greenberg and SimpleReach CEO Edward Kim, Sharethrough is using SimpleReach technology to identify publisher content that’s trending on social media and matching it up with the right advertiser.

“Traditional IAB ads are all about audience targeting, but with native, it’s more about content identification,” Greenberg said. “We want to take socially relevant, engaging, and real-time publisher content and tie the right ads to those pages.”

Why work with SimpleReach specifically? Kim said it’s because the company’s technology isn’t just counting Likes and tweets, but also tying it to engagement on the site. You can have 1,000 different articles receive 1,000 Likes each, but some of those Likes are more valuable and drive more pageviews. SimpleReach’s data can also predict which publisher content and advertiser content is most likely to see engagement from social media.

“Today, when you’re talking about content, the lifecycle of that content is really, really important,” Kim said. “You can’t wait for millions of impressions or clicks to see if this working or not. You need to know as quickly as possible.”

And when a campaign is over, Sharethrough advertisers can use SimpleReach to identify new articles that were written because of their ads, and which of those articles might themselves be worth promoting on social media, Greenberg said.

This is the first of what Kim is hoping will be a number of partnerships with ad companies.

“This social data is going to be best suited for content-based advertising, but that doesn’t mean it’s the be all, end all,” Greenberg added, predicting that SimpleReach will grow by plugging in to traditional ad systems as well.