Zuckerberg Says “I Would Love To Work With Google”, But Bing Was More Flexible On Privacy

Mark Zuckerberg put the ball in Google’s court today at Facebook’s big Graph Search launch, saying “I would love to work with Google.” For now, though, Facebook hands off queries its Graph Search can’t answer to its internal Bing-powered web search engine. If relations with Google thaw out, it seems Facebook might look to integrate some of Google’s data.

Here’s a paraphrased transcription of what Zuckerberg said about why Graph Search doesn’t work with Google right now.

I think that the main thing is that when people share something on Facebook we want to give them the ability to broadcast something out and then take it down or set privacy settings. That requires quick updating, removing photos. We also need that content to be gone if something changes their privacy settings.

You need infracture that can support that. Microsoft was more willing to do things that fit with Facebook. People want flexibility, and that was the stumbling block with Google in our last round of talks. I’m not sure if that was detail in the negotiation or rift between Facebook’s and Google’s strategies.

Zuckerberg explained that Facebook wants to work with any search company that will respect the privacy of people on Facebook.

It’s interesting to note that the entire audience laughed when the question was asked, but Zuckerberg dug right in to answer. This means that there might have been actual discussions, and it would be interesting to see who wouldn’t budge during them. Are the two competitors? It would seem so now, if you were to stack up Graph Search with Google’s Search, Plus Your World.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment and we’ll see if the search giant has anything to share on today’s news and announcements.

UPDATE: Google had no comment on today’s news.

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