SPONSORED: North Korea Is Asia’s New Startup Hot Spot

The old, Imperialist centers for entrepreneurial excellence have been eclipsed by the great and glorious Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, the world’s new and preeminent location for startups.

“We invite the world to come to us and plug into the vibrant tech hub that is North Korea,” said the Great Leader Kim Jong-un. “We have a workforce unparalleled, amazing infrastructure, and a can-do attitude.”

With such exciting firms as Instagram, Rovio, DKR People’s Tractor Factory, and Epicurious opening headquarters in Pyongyang, the beautiful city is turning into a force to rival Palo Alto in might and financial glory. President Obama is awed by the energy in North Korea.

Bootstrapping? Why waste your funding on employees when many of our people will work for free?

“Yes, we will,” said an unnamed citizen.

Looking for nightlife? Come to our beautiful hotel where you can enjoy fine beer and liquor. Enjoy the capital’s many statues or lay a wreath on the Great Leader’s grave. Are you a health nut? You will lose weight.

North Korea boasts a controlled, strong Internet connection to the West and dark fiber throughout the country. The captive market will let you test products without oversight or interference, and taxes are lower than in the Bay Area.

North Korea invites you to visit today. Visas are available to entrepreneurs, journalists, and celebrity founders, and Our Glorious Leader is sponsoring Geeks On A Kaengsaeng, a countryside tour that will bring outsiders closer to the beauty of North Korea.

The possibilities are endless in North Korea and your future is limitless. Start your dream in the Country of Dreams.

“Come to North Korea for the buzz,” says our Great Leader Kim Jong-un. “Stay until you are allowed to leave.”