Gryphn Updates Secure SMS Platform To Better Compete With Facebook Poke, Snapchat

Snapchat and Facebook Poke have clearly validated the demand for ephemeral messaging, and perhaps even a desire for added security (whether it’s misguidedly through social networks or not). But SMS seems like the obvious choice for the most private of your messaging platforms, which is why Gryphn technology has launched its own self-destructing SMS platform for Android.

The update to the app allows the encrypting of videos, messages and pictures locally on the device to ensure that no recipient can download them from the phone in any way. The update also makes it impossible to take a screenshot of any received photo or video.

This brings almost all the functionality of Snapchat and Facebook Poke (with the exception of drawing on photos) to the SMS platform. Perhaps, where it already feels more natural.

With this update, Android users will have no chance of secretly storing messages that were meant to be seen in the moment and then immediately trashed.

On top of these security features, Gryphn’s update is allowing for user controls over what is encrypted. Users can control if their sent message is encrypted over the wire, if encrypted messages can be saved by the recipient, and if they can be forwarded.

Most SMS and MMS messages don’t need to be deleted immediately, but some stuff shouldn’t last either. Gryphn gives the user total control over what can be saved and what can’t by just flipping a toggle.

The app syncs directly with your address book, so no need to sign in or authorize any social network.

The update is only available for Android at the moment, but the team says they’re working on the iOS version as we speak.