Bohemian Guitars Lets You Twang Out On A Real Oil-Can Gitfiddle

As the site’s resident guitar shredder, I have a soft spot for musical instruments on Kickstarter. While these Bohemian Guitars don’t have the same features as a GTar or a Jamstik, it’s still a pretty cool little instrument.

The bodies are made of repurposed oil cans and they include a single coil pickup and come in three styles: honey, motor oil, and moonshine. The guitars are handmade in Georgia.

The creators, Josh Kirsch, Adam Lee, Shaun Lee, and Mark Friedman, found inspiration in their creations through a childhood spent in South Africa.

The inspiration behind the oil can guitar comes from the resourceful residents of the townships in South Africa who re-purpose used materials into playable instruments. Through Bohemian Guitars, brothers, Adam and Shaun Lee, who spent their childhood growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, are able to share a piece of their homeland and spread the joy created by the beautiful sounds of oil can guitars with musicians all over the world.

You can get a guitar for a pledge of $270 for early birds or $285 for folks who are lolly-gagging. They are looking for funding of $32,000.

While it doesn’t connect to an iPhone or use cloud computing to calculate Black Keys tablature, it’s a cool little crowdsourced project for fans of artisinal hardware.