Zirtual Raises $2M From Mayfield, Tony Hsieh To Match Professionals With Virtual Executive Assistants

Zirtual, a marketplace that matches professionals with virtual executive assistants, has raised $2 million in Series A funding from Tony Hsieh, VegasTechFund, and Mayfield Fund. Zirtual, which currently has an office in San Francisco, is opening a new headquarters in downtown Las Vegas as part of Hsieh’s Downtown Project to help revitalize the area.

Founded by Maren Kate, Zirtual matches this online workers with entrepreneurs who are willing to outsource key tasks around scheduling, research and reservations. Members can sign up for one of three levels of service (ranging from $197-$997 per month) and are matched with a customized Zirtual Assistant. The startup graduated from The Founders Institute.

Zirtual Assistants are U.S. based and available from 9am-6pm. Each assistant is college educated and trained by the startup to provide quality customer service.

In addition, Zirtual has a network of partners, such as Ruby for receptionists, Uber for travel, and Munchery for food delivery who can provide additional services. Since its founding a year ago, Zirtual says it has assisted hundreds of professionals and currently employs a workforce of over 100 U.S. based Zirtual Assistants. Current Users include realtors, CEOs, and others.

Harnessing the online workforce space, in general, represents a huge opportunity. Similar to the way companies like TaskRabbit and Lyft are leveraging the workforce and labor to provide value-added services to consumers ( i.e. ridesharing and on-demand tasks at a reasonable pricepoint), Zirtual is trying to take advantage of the online workforce in the executive assistant space.