TechCrunch Apparently Now Has An Official Windows 8/RT App

So I’m giving the Surface RT another go. I took it down from the shelf, blew off the dust and loaded some movies on it for several trips this month. But during our CES meeting concerning the Surface Pro, I committed to giving Windows 8 a real college try. Why not, really.

This brings us to the TechCrunch Windows 8/RT app. We have one. It just launched and no one told us here at TechCrunch. Thanks, Aol! I just happened to load the Windows Store and there it was, featured on the front page.

The app has a favorable rating, but it’s pretty lacking. It’s a basic app with limited functionality but as someone who still doesn’t like the Windows RT Internet Explorer, I kind of appreciate the alternative. There is still a lot of room for improvement as is the case with most of our properties.

I would link to the app on the Windows Store, but I can’t figure out how.

Side note: This post was composed and published from the Surface RT. I just wish there was a full-featured WordPress app. Or a HipChat app. Or a Convo app, Gmail app or really anything useful in the Store. This thing launched three months ago and it’s still devoid of anything notable.

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