TC Cribs: SmartThings Gambles On The Connected Home In Vegas

SmartThings doesn’t just come to Vegas and set up a boring old booth. These guys rented out a palatial villa just outside of downtown, both for the practical purposes of giving themselves a place to crash, and also to give them an easy way to show off their product and platform for building a whole home “open physical graph.” Home automation and mobile remote control were a tent pole theme of this year’s CES, so doing a TC Cribs episode at SmartThings’ made a ton of sense.

The house was impressive, more so thanks to the SmartThings-enabled gadgets littering the premises than because of the actual house itself, which, while nice, potentially hid a somewhat salacious history. The SmartThings team said they were constantly finding glitter on themselves while staying there, in a house that’s obviously often rented out on a short-term basis: Glitter doesn’t just come from nowhere.