Phone Halo Teams Up With Audiovox To Keep Track Of Your Stuff (So You Don’t Have To)

Lots of companies here this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have built products that are centered on dramatic, splashy, or new ideas. Phone Halo is not one of them.

Instead, Phone Halo is focused on a decidedly everyday thing — the fact that you probably are always misplacing your keys, your wallet, or your handbag — and making sure it never happens again. It may be a relatively mundane issue, but the folks at Phone Halo say it’s actually a very important one. The idea is that trying to remember these small things really take up too much space in your brain, so having Phone Halo keep track of them for you frees up your “mental CPU” for more worthy pursuits.

We interviewed Phone Halo’s CEO Chris Herbert for the first time a couple months back, so it was nice to have him stop by the TechCrunch on-site stage at CES to show off some the latest products his company is building through its new partnership with Audiovox. Watch the video embedded above to see the Phone Halo app in action and hear about how the company sees itself fitting into the larger competitive landscape.