Want: LG’s Pocket Photo, A Tiny, NFC-Friendly Photo Printer

LG and CES are made for each other. The company may not make the best smartphones (with the exception of Google’s Nexus 4), or get the most attention all year round, but when they whip out the big screen TVs at their massive CES booth, it’s easy to get on the “Life’s Good” bandwagon.

Unfortunately, TechCrunch is one of the few attendees at the show that isn’t all that interested in television, which is why we were so pleased to stumble upon this cute little NFC printer, the LG Pocket Photo.

It’s incredibly small — you can probably fit the little guy in your back pocket — and it uses a new Z-ink (or Zero ink) technology to print 2×3-inch photos.

Through the magical power of NFC, users can simply tap their LG phone against the printer and in 30 seconds the picture goes from a file on a smartphone to a photo in your wallet. Users can also transfer photos through Bluetooth and USB.

Simply download the app, and from there you can add skins, text, etc. The good news is that it’ll only cost around $169, which is pretty good for it’s size, capabilities, and speed. The bad news is that it’s only expected to ship in Korea.