Innergie’s New PocketCell Duo Is A Portable Charging Beast With 6,800mAh Of Juice

When we walked the floor at CES this week, I had to stop by and visit one of my favorite iOS device power accessory makers. Innergie, which created a power cable that has micro USB, mini USB and 30-pin connectors all in one, had some new things on display here in Vegas, including the PocketCell Duo, portable power bank with a whopping 6,800mAh of battery power.

To put that in perspective, the Mophie Juice Pack Pro, one of the existing heavyweights in pocketable battery packs, has only 6,000mAh, and is also considerably larger. The PocketCell Duo’s reserve can power up an iPhone 5 over four times on a full charge, or get an iPad 4 up to about half its total battery life, or a little over.

The PocketCell Duo also ships with the Magic Cable Trio from Innergie, which has a mini USB, microUSB and 30 Pin connector in one. Those hoping for a Lightning connector will have to bring their own cable, however. Still, for a device that’s approximately the size of a big box of matches, the size of the reserve alone is the real draw here, and the cable is just a nice bonus.