Hands-On With The Lockitron, The Easiest Way To Control Your House’s Locks With A Smartphone

Lockitron’s Cameron Robertson stopped by our CES booth for a little demo. It doesn’t take much to demo the Lockitron. It’s a little wireless device that slips onto a deadbolt and can be controlled by a smartphone. Put it on your house. Put it on a rental property. Put it on your cat.

To be honest, the story of Lockitron is much more interesting than the Lockitron itself.

The Lockitron is the company’s second project, and they intended to turn to Kickstarter to fund it. But as Robertson explains in the video, that wasn’t going to stop the YC alums. They made their own crowdfunding platform and surpassed their required goal within 24 hours. It’s clear that people love the Lockitron.