Cars, Sex Toys, And Everything In Between: Live Streaming The North Hall At CES

Two days down, two days to go.

We’ve seen Samsung, Sony and LG. We’ve hit up Huawei, Parrot, and Verizon.

We even met a few different celebrities like Xzibit, Nick Cannon, and Run of Run-DMC. It’s been an eventful, hilarious, and overwhelming experience, and we’re only halfway through.

Today, it’s all about the connected cars, the outliers, and the case makers. The North Hall is where you easily find companies that nudge right up to the line between electronics companies and otherwise. We expect to see Chrysler, Ford, Chevy and Audi, along with Schick and a whole lot of case makers.

We’ll begin our journey at 9:10am PST/12:10pm EST, and shortly thereafter we’ll begin our Live Gadgets Webcast at 1pm PST/4pm PST.

So feel free to sit back, relax, and put on your seatbelt.

This is about to get very interesting.