An Interview With Eric Migicovsky, A Product Designer Who Had To Ramp Up From $0 To $10 Million In Funding In A Month

The Pebble Smart watch is one of the best-known Kickstarter projects. A compact e-ink device designed to work with almost any smartphone, the Pebble grabbed attention when it hit $10 million and sold 85,000 watches after expecting to sell 5,000 unitKickstarter”>;=”

Eric had to go from a tiny, one- or two-man operation to a company with 11 employees all dedicated to building the watch. While they expected originally to build the watches in California, they suddenly had to move to China to begin ramping up production.

Eric explained why the company missed its initial ship date – essentially because they suddenly had to make thousands more watches – and told us how it felt to move from a business with 0 orders to a powerhouse with 85,000 orders in a month.